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Father Gabriel of St Mary Magdalen

Priest and Discalced Carmelita, he worked in Rome, founded magazines and wrote books on the spiritual life.

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Divine Intimacy

Father Gabriel of St Mary Magdalen is the english name for "Gabriele di Santa Maria Magdalena", who was born in Belgium, January 24, 1893 as Hadrian de Vos. He was a Roman Catholic priest and Carmelite who joined the Discalced Carmelites in 1910. He was ordained a priest on December 20, 1919.

He studied in Leuven and at the Angelicum in Rome. From 1926 he worked as a professor of theology and vice-rector at the Pontificia Facultas Theologica Teresianum, where he taught asceticism and mysticism from 1931 until his death in March 15, 1953.

In 1944 he founded the magazine Vita Carmelitana, which was renamed Rivista di vita spirituale in 1947.

In 1945 Pius XII appointed him as a consultant in the Congregation of Rites.


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