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Meditations of Saint Alphonsus of Liguori for every day of the year

Texts from Saint Alphonsus of Liguori organized by Father Thiago Maria Cristini to be meditated on every day of the liturgical year.

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About the book

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Saint Alphonsus

With title "Meditations for every day and feast of the year taken from the ascetic works of Saint Afonso Maria de Ligório, Bishop and Doctor of the Holy Church", this excellent work was compiled by Father Thiago Maria Cristini (CSSR). A partial translation to English is being done by us in this site.

In this work, Father Cristini made use of "Le Opere Complete di Sant'Alfonso de' Liguori" (The complete work of Saint Alfonso de Ligorio).

Masterfully, Fr. Cristini organized the texts of Saint Alphonsus into readings to be meditated on each day of the liturgical year. The readings often remind us of the liturgy of the day at the Tridentine Mass. Therefore, meditating on the texts of this work in the morning, before attending daily Mass, is of great spiritual value.

The texts of Saint Alphonsus are of immense beauty. Different from theological or philosophical work, it is as if the Saint is writting a personal letter to the reader, trying to encourage his faith and move the reader to spiritual perfection.

The work is divided into 3 volumes, all available online in site such as Alexandria Católica and in Docer .

The base text used on this site was kindly provided by Rumo a Santidade and by [Saia Modesta](rumoasantidade.com.br/meditacoes-santo -afonso/) but modifications are being made by us, using the above mentioned PDFs.

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