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The brief method of meditation

At the beginning of his book "Brief Meditations for all the days of the year" (not available on our website) Friar Pedro Sinzig proposes a dialogue between 2 characters, in which one of them tries to convince the other that meditation can be done by everyone.

1. The Preparation

a) Put yourself vividly in the presence of God, your Creator and Father, Savior and Judge. b) Invoke the Holy Spirit with humility and fervor. c) Carefully make some reading

2. Meditation

a) Try to immerse yourself in the truths presented, know what you lack, and compare your behavior with that of Jesus and the Saints. b) Healthy affections will be the natural consequence of the preceding exercise; repent of the past, aspire to this or that virtue, increase the justified fear of hell, the desire for heaven and confidence in Divine Mercy. It is useful to dwell on these affections. c) Make few, but well determined purposes.

3. The Conclusion

a) Thank God, who has deigned to speak to your heart. b) Offer Him your life, body and soul. c) Ask for their help to carry out the purposes and implore the intercession of Our Lady, the Guardian Angel and the Saints.

Do you find all this difficult? try it; practice will teach you. An ignorant person, endowed with good will, will be able to make meditations more useful than the learned who trust in themselves.

Meditate, and you will live!