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Monsignor Ascânio Brandão

Brazilian Catholic Priest. Exercised various functions within the Catholic Church, loved and admired by all and especially loved by God and the Holy Church.

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Breviary of Trust

Ascânio Brandão, born on March 2, 1901, in Paraibuna do Sul, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Very early on he chose the priestly career, which he honored with example, word and pen. Ordained a priest on July 12, 1925, he held the positions of Secretary to D. Epaminondas, Spiritual Director of the Diocesan Seminary and Diocesan Gymnasium, editor-in-chief of the newspaper "O Lábaro", supervisor of the Little Missionaries of Mary Immaculate, founder and vicar of the Parish of São Dimas, in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil, founder and director of Newspaper São Dimas.

He preached and wrote continuously, having published forty books on spirituality. Dedicating himself to everyone and everything, with heart and soul, he had no time to think about himself. He lived poor, died poor, on January 20, 1956, loved and admired by everyone and especially loved by God and the Holy Church.


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