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Breviary of Trust by Monsignur Ascânio Brandão

Our own (ONGOING) translation of this amazing book by a brazilian priest, with short meditations to motivate you in the spiritual life.

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About the book

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Mons. Ascânio

This is our own ongoing translation of "Breviário da Confiança" by a brazilian priest named Ascânio Brandão. It is safe to say that this work is one of the favorites among catholic Brazilians for mental prayer (meditation).

The ability of Monsignor Brandão to arouse in his reader a spirit of desire for spiritual improvement in just succinct text is undeniable.

Easy and quick to read, and still retaining a rich spirituality, Monsignor Brandão Breviary of Confidence is, without a doubt, a pearl for readers of the Portuguese language, now in english.

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