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March 18th

The Great Worker

From book "Breviary of Trust by Monsignur Ascânio Brandão"... Let no one complain that have little intelligence...

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Breviary of Trust

Mons. Ascânio

Let no one complain that have little intelligence or little aptitude for this or that, especially in the service of God. To consider oneself like this is a source of great sadness for those who do not firmly believe in the ways of Divine Providence. If Our Lord calls us to some task or work that is beyond our strength, through obedience, let us not be discouraged.

The worker makes his instruments with appropriate size, thickness and shape for the task he wants to perform. In the same way, God distributes to us the spirit and the talents according to the plans that He has for us, for His service, in the measure of the glory that He wants to derive from it. Why complain that we don't have this or that aptitude, this or that talent? The Divine Worker knows what He does!

For Divine works, any instrument will do. And, in general, the Lord takes advantage of the worst, the most miserable, to show that the work is all His and not human. "Believe me," said Saint Francis de Sales, "God is a great Worker. With poor instruments, he does excellent works. He ordinarily chooses weak things to confuse the strong, ignorance to confuse science and that nothing is to destroy what seems to be something. What did He not do with a wand in Moses's hand and a donkey's skull in Samson's hand? Why did He defeat Holofernes by the hand of a woman?"

The worker beats, cuts, planes, adjusts, injuring wood, stone, marble. Let the Divine Worker work in us. Cut, wound, beat! It will be to make us masterpieces of His Mercy.

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