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Dialogue on Meditation

No começo do seu livro "Breves Meditações para todos os dias do ano" (não disponibilizado no nosso site) o frei Pedro Sinzig nos propõe um diálogo entre 2 personagens, no qual, um deles, tenta convencer o outro de que a meditação pode ser feita por todos.

- To meditate... me?! - And why not? To meditate is to talk with God, it is to reflect on the truths of the Holy Religion, it is to get to know yourself better, it is to make good resolutions, it is to anticipate the heavenly occupation, and can this be alien to you?

- But it is customary only for clerics and religious. - In fact, it is customary, because priests and religious really value ways to guarantee their eternal salvation and their spiritual progress. If, however, they (priests and religous) removed from the dangers of the world, consider meditation necessary, how much more indispensable is it to seculars, so exposed to the forgetfulness of Christian duties!

- But we are not used to meditate. - Yes, it is not general use. Who will find this strange? Didn't Jesus say, "Many are called, but few will be chosen"? Whoever follows the maxims and customs of the world will one day see, with great fright, that he has not walked on the narrow path that leads to heaven, but on the broad road that leads to eternal perdition.

- Meditation seems expendable. - On the contrary. Heaven is not a fruit that falls into the mouth of those who want it. In order to seriously and constantly employ the means of saving the soul, it takes a lot and a lot of reflection, which makes one realize the indisputable truth: Only one thing is necessary!

- Even if I wanted to meditate, I don't have time. - Really? Has God been unfair to you, not giving you time to save yourself? You should frankly confess that you lack time only for meditation and other works of piety; that you do not lack time to rest, to recreate, to amusements, to the satisfaction of your own will and, at times, to sin. No one asks you to neglect work and obligations; rather, meditation, even if done only for a few minutes, will make you more punctual in fulfilling all your duties.

- But I can not; I lack practice, a thousand distractions occur to me. - Will God demand of you what you cannot? To a good son, tt doesn't hurt to think about the father, and you are incapable of talking to God? To think about its benefits, about the incarnation, life and death of Jesus? In the last moments that await you: death, judgment, hell or heaven? - Do not be afraid of distractions. Wouldn't the devil oppose what brings you priceless advantages?... So that God may help you and conform you to his holy will, whether he lets you taste the sweetness of his presence, or proves you out of apparent helplessness.

- And how can I meditate? - If you don't prefer another method, the following may serve you...

Meditation Method according to Frei Pedro Sinzig